About the NESS Energy Project

What is an energy from waste plant?

Energy From Waste Plants

The modern plants are not like the incinerators of old. They burn non-recyclable waste cleanly and completely and conform to strict European standards for emissions. What comes out of the stack is steam, not smoke. Find out more
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Why do we need the NESS energy from waste facility?


Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils are already encouraging – and will continue to encourage – as much recycling as possible... Find out more

Where will the plant be located?

East Tullos

The NESS Energy from Waste plant is to be located at former gas holder site in East Tullos Industrial Estate in Aberdeen. This facility will accept the remaining, non-recyclable waste from the three councils and burn it cleanly and completely. Find out more

How does an energy from waste facility work?


The non-recyclable waste arrives at the plant and is tipped into a large bunker. Unsuitable, large or non-combustible items are then removed by a crane... Find out more