ACCIONA is a Considerate Constructor

As part of Acciona's commitment to good relationships in the immediate vicinity of the construction site and to those who may be affected by the works, Acciona has signed up to the Considerate Constructor Scheme . This is an independent, not for profit organisation that aims to raise standards in the construction industry.

The scheme requires registered sites to meet minimum standards, audited on a regular basis by the scheme’s independent assessors. The audit results in a score which is displayed on site as a “star” rating. Our score can be seen next to the Security entrance. A star rating of 3 out of 5 is the minimum standard required, 5 stars reflects a site that is going beyond the normal for all aspects of the scheme. The scheme is based on 5 separate codes that Acciona signs up to achieving.

1. Care about appearance – We should ensure that the site appears professional and well managed.

2. Respect the community – We should give consideration to the impact on neighbours and the public

3. Secure everyone’s safety – We should strive for the highest levels of safety performance

4. Value the workforce – We should provide a supportive and caring working environment

5. Protect the environment – We should protect and enhance the environment

Acciona has had one audit since commencing on site which was conducted in January 2020, obtaining 32/50. This is a good score for early project work and the next audit is due to be conducted in September. Acciona is committed to obtaining and maintaining a score above 40 for the duration of the project. The scoring distribution is shown below from the last audit.

Considerate Constructors Scoring

Our neighbours and the general public can use the contact information contained on the web site to report any concern that does not meet the expectations relating to the Code above. We commit to responding to your comment. If you feel that your comment has not been taken seriously or you prefer, comments can be made directly to the Considerate Constructors Scheme who will contact the site directly.