Notice of Site Activity - March 2021

Towards the end of March, the silos for the flue gas cleaning system will be installed. The silos store the raw materials to be used in the treatment of the flue gases and the resulting treated residue which will then be taken from site for further processing. There are five silos in total. The tallest silos will each reach approximately 27metres above the ground once fully erected. The silos will ultimately be enclosed within the building shell and not visible from outside.

Out of hours works – week commencing 29th March 2021

Works will commence to install handrail and platform gratings on the night shift to avoid clashes with safety exclusions zones associated with lifting operations during the day. Approximately 10 operatives will work with hand tools and the crane used to lift the materials will be blocked with noise shielding panels.

Where any issues arise, the project duty staff can be contacted on phone number 07470 556592 at any time.