Notice of out of hours working - September 2020

11th September Update

During the weekend of the 12/13th September and the 19/20th September works to complete the piling is required to be conducted. These works will enable the piling to move out of the way of the incoming contractor and ensure that the two packages of work will not clash and cause a safety issue. The works involve the piling that has been conducted since January and involves the drilling of the ground to remove soil and then place concrete in the hole. It is intended to commence these operations from 0800hrs on each day until 1900hrs at the latest. Not all the days will work this late and not all days will be required.

18th September Update

The works previously notified for this weekend involving piling have been completed during the week and will therefore not be going ahead.

Works being required to be completed on weekends of 19-20th and 26th-27th September between the hours of 08.00 – 16.00 are to break out piles to construct the foundation slabs. The proximity of these works to other works causes a safety issue. A number of noise reduction strategies have been applied during this time to reduce the sound and impact on the local community.

30th September Update

On the 2nd October, the first major concrete pour of the project will take place. This involves the placing of over 900m3 of concrete in a short time to ensure that the foundations are solid and to the required standard. As a result the concrete pouring will commence slightly earlier than the normal time at 0600hrs but may run into the evening. We are maximising the number of concrete pumps available and maximise the number of concrete trucks delivering concrete to shorten the time and impact in the evening. Noise screens will also be erected around concrete pumps to reduce sounds heard from site. We expect this to happen on at least two other occasions during the next few week as the boiler slab is progressed. Dates will be notified nearer the time. 


Where any issues arise, the project staff on duty can be contacted on the phone number 07470556592.