Dialogue based procurement process to begin

The Energy from Waste project for Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils took a step forward with the announcement that four bidders have been taken forward to discuss their proposals and tenders.

In line with procurement rules, the project team published details of the design and requirements in the European Journal, inviting contractors to apply to prequalify as one of the bidders to be invited to tender.

Submissions were received by 20 March 2017 and four bidding consortia have been selected to tender based on their experience, record in safely operating similar plants, and their ability to guarantee their ability to cope with a financial project of this scale.

The succesful bid consortia at this stage are Acciona/Indaver/KeppelSeghers, FCC/HZI, MVV/Baumgarte, and Suez/CNIM.

These four parties will work with the project team over the next several months in a ‘competitive dialogue’ process, which allows the bidders to fully understand the requirements of the authorities and for their submissions to be polished to reflect the best possible options they can provide. Submissions are expected towards the end of 2017, which two of the bidders then being selected to go forward to a final tender stage in 2018.